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BSD-License LZMA?

  •   Hello,

      Many thanks to all those involved in this excellent project and the useful forums. Unfortunately, I have some problem with the licenses. My apologies if I'm posting to the wrong forum (in which case, could someone tell me the correct one, please?).

      For legal reasons, I cannot use LGPL-license code, and only BSD-license code. (This project appears to be all LGPLd.)
      Although, I've searched extensively through the Internet, I couln't understand the following regarding LZMA:
      1. Is LZMA itself covered by any patents?
      2. The reference LZMA code is LGPLd; If I were to recode LZMA, could I make the result BSD?
      3. If the answers to 1. and 2. are, respectively, no and yes, does anyone know of BSD-license LZMA code?

      I appreciate in advance your time in reading/replying to this message.