Open archive into memory for access by application

Paul Harb
  • Paul Harb
    Paul Harb

    Hi, I have been researching this for sometime and haven't found much related to my problem.

    As software developers, my clients require security in their applications. However, a certain part of this specific application can not be secured because of required dependencies.

    The solution I came up with is to zip the file in a password protected archive.
    I would then create a secure batch file (exe) and use the command line app to pass the password in order to open the archive. This exe will be copy protected and distributed on DVD-Rs. The exe can't be copied and won't work without the original disc. And the zip file is useless without the exe.

    What i hope to achieve is having the zipped file extracted and launched from memory. Of course people can try to read the memory, but that will take more work and skills than it's worth. At one point i was certain nothing was being created in the windows temp directory. However now i see that the file is being extracted there temporarily if i double clicked on it within the file manager. And if the app is terminated too soon, the temp file is never deleted leaving the file vulnerable.

    Has anyone had any luck doing something similar to this?

    I have no programming skills but am willing to learn the basics. I think the work involved is minimal and the use for this could be endless.

    Thanks in Advance,