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Problem with -x switch

  • Hi,

    I have a directory, c:\share, that I want to archive.  However I want to exclude the .mp3 files in the directory.
    What's wrong with the following command line?
      7z a -tzip c:\share -x!*.mp3
    The .mp3 files are being included in the archive.

    I'm using 7z 4.14 beta.

    Pete A

    • I have been having the same problems with 3.12

    • mikafire

      same problem with 4.15 beta

    • I'm getting the same error with a list of exclude files from the command line (4.15beta).

    • Having the same problem and found the solution: it's not the syntax of the -x switch but the -tzip switch. It worked liked charm as I removed it..

      Strange, isnt it?