move file error

  • hi,
    when i try to make a self extracting 7z file i get this message at the end of the compression. if i rename the xyz.exe.tmp to xyz.exe it decompresses without problem, so i guess its only a renaming issue...
    winxp sp1, 7zip 4.12beta, the compressed material is cd image file (only one file sized several hundred megabytes), ultra compression
    any idea what im doing wrong?
    thx, galocza

    • Ares

      Uhhh...  possibly low disk space, maybe?  How much do you have?  Not only do you need room for the temp file, your page file / virtual memory may be increasing too much for your disk.  Ultra compression, afterall, uses a great deal of Virtual Memory.  That's the only time I've seen that happen, personally.

      So if the .tmp is an intact archive, and renaming it to .exe works, perhaps you don't have enough disk space to make the .tmp file then copy it to the .7z file and delete the .tmp file (which is what 7-zip does in the background, I think).

      Hm, though, you probably already thought of this.  Well, maybe it could be a NTFS permission thing even.  Try doing this on a FAT volume as a test, perhaps, if you have one available.


    • thanks for your answer.
      i have enough space (70gb should be enough i think 8), but the ntfs-idea is good, ill try it (yes you guessed right, i have an ntfs partition but dont know ANYTHING about ntfs 8). now i have here a fat32 drive temporarily - some luck at last.

    • Ares

      Hmm, will your 7-Zip rename the file properly when creating a non-SFX file?  Say, if you 7-zip something into a .7z file, and not an .exe file?

      If so perhaps it's some restrictive software.  Like an anti-virus program or something simliar to Net Nanny or whatever else might block creation of EXE files.  I kind of figure you would already know about this if it was the case, but honestly I just can't seem to think of anything else that could be the matter.

      And of course there's the obvious question of whether or not you've tried re-installing 7-zip, which I also figure you've done lol

      Oh well, let me know if any of that helps.  Did the FAT32 thing work, by chance?  If so I know of some program that will give you permissions to everything on your NTFS disk, even stuff you can't access by default.  Can't think of it at the moment, but if it works on a FAT32 volume, I'll look into that program for you.  Of course, I think there's an easy way to do this in DOS with the "cacls" command.  I'll look it up, if that's your problem.