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Is it possible to open *.7z from broken file?

  • Hi, I really messed up I think, I archived about 100 files in a 7z archive then I rared it to split it into smaller pieces to span cd-r's. Well, It seems I didn't burn the last rar file,  about 5 meg of the entire 500 meg rar archive. now I don't have the last file anymore. In rar I am able to select keep broken files and unrar it to get a large 7z archive, but the problem is it wont open in anything, I get an unknown format or damaged error. I would have at least thought I could extract most of the files as you can in winrar if you have some parts missing but I can't even open this 7z archive, any suggestions? Thank you!

    • Igor Pavlov
      Igor Pavlov

      It's difficult.
      If you can spend 10-100 hours of hacking work, maybe you can restore some files in such case.