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ISO's don't unarchive

  • Bandit

    Not sure that this is a bug, but interesting nonetheless.

    Some ISO's 7-Zip does not unarchive.
    Some ISO's 7-Zip does not unarchive the same as other utilities, like IZarc in this example.

    For instance I have the genuine CEHv8 (Certified Ethical Hacker) Tools.
    7-Zip will only unarchive disc 2 and disc 6, not the others.
    IZarc will not unarchive disc 6, but will do the others.

    When unarchiving disc 2, 7-Zip give 5590 File Children and 1111 Folder Children
    IZarc only gives 1082 Folder Children.

    The original DVD has 1111 Folder Children - try burning disc 2 of the ISO's from the torrent below and see. I used ImgBurn, and also tried CDBurner and Nero to verify.

    I would expect either 7-ZIp or IZarc (or any competent utility) to be able to unarchive all ISO's and give the same results.
    I have not tested with others like WinZip yet.

    Since I can't obviously give you the genuine originals to test with, you could grab the torrent from here, purely for testing purposes.

    This was on a WinXPPro/SP3 32bit machine, using 7-Zip 9.25 and IZarc 4.1.8