Error in selecting files to extract in File M

  • nilkki

    When i select files to extract inside an archive in File Manager (4.20 & previous) by pressing Shift and clicking first file and then Shift+2nd file, the files in between + 1st file get selected (turn pink), BUT the last file (2nd file) turns blue (the default selected color) and isn't extracted.

    Also the only way to de-select a selection is to make a new selection. Ctrl+Space or re-selecting doesn't work. Maybe this is a bug or intended, don't know, but I find this a little hard.

    Hopefully this makes some sense ;)

    • Hello nilkki

      To me it seems that only the file at the end of the list is not selected if you work with the SHIFT key and the mouse. And this happens not only in archives but also in a normal file view. This must be a bug!

      Try SHIFT+'-' from the NUM pad to deselect all and SHIFT+'+' from the NUM pad to select all.


    • I agree. I think this is a bug. I'm glad you brought it up. I've just been working around it, but I think it should be fixed.