SFX Deleting TEMP files needed...

  • I am trying to create a self-extracting executable that launches setup.exe when finished extracting. However, when it's done extracting and the setup.exe file finished configuring the Windows Installer, the SFX deletes the temp files required to run the installation. Is there any way to tell the SFX not to delete the temp files?

    • Igor Pavlov
      Igor Pavlov

      Your exe must have switch for waiting.

    • Is this for the SFX exe or the setup.exe? If it's for the SFX exe, I cannot seem to find documentation for a wait switch. If it's for the setup.exe, I have already found out that it doesn't have anything like this.

      • Igor Pavlov
        Igor Pavlov

        It's for the setup.exe.
        Ask setup.exe developer for that function.