Any chance of MMX optimizations?

  • Victor Luchits
    Victor Luchits

    First of all, thank you! 7zip is a great program that successfully replaced Winrar and Winzip on my computer.  The only problem I've encountered so far is compression\decompression speed. So, is there any chance of MMX optimizations?

    • Do you seriously think that the decompression speed is a problem??
      On some computers lzma decompression speed is higher than tar decompression speed.

      I'm not a programmer, but I asume that if the code should be MMX optimized, it would require Igor to purchase a better compiler for his code, which cost's money, so if you really want it, why not donate?

      • Igor Pavlov
        Igor Pavlov

        There is no code in LZMA that can be optimized with MMX.
        Maybe in future, when 7-Zip will have multimedia algotithms, it will be possible to use MMX.

    • I have actually gone back to compressing everything with standard Zip (I know, I know!). I just like the speed of decompression which is the highest on my system (approx 60% faster than LZMA). I use 7-zip to create my archives and handle them, but ZIP just does the job for me because of the speed, it makes a big big! difference to me because I work with big files - mostly videos so archives will often be over 1GB in size.

    • MMX? huhuh... dont think that 7zip use much of the floating point stuff...

    • Victor Luchits
      Victor Luchits

      Well, MMX may be used for integer maths as well (it's commonly used for sound mixing which is 100% integer math)