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How to Uninstall 7-Zip?

  • DavidB

    I am using 7-Zip 4.36 and would like to uninstall it. However, I do not see an uninstall function.

    Also, I searched the help files and the term "uninstall" was not found.

    Is it simply a matter of clicking on the Desktop icon and deleting it? If so, shouldn't the help files say this? Or the web site? Or something.  I don't see uninstall information posted anywhere.

  • DavidB

    In case anybody else is interested in the same question:

    In the following folder, there should be an executable called "uninstaller.exe":

    C:\Program Files\7-Zip\

    Navigate to this executable, run it, and 7-Zip should be removed.

    Hope this helps other people with the same question.


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    • Jim Birke
      Jim Birke

      I've tried uninstalling 7-zip using both the windows control panel and following your instructions and running uninstaller.exe. I both cases, I get an error "error launching installer". Can you help me with this?
      Thanks. Jim B.

  • Like most windows programs: go to the control panel and select Add/Remove Programs or Uninstall a program depending on your windows version.
    More detailed instructions: In Windows, how do I uninstall programs?

  • Jim Birke
    Jim Birke

    I've tried the add/remove programs in the control panel and get the error I noted above. This seems to be more complicated then running an uninstaller app.

  • therube

    Perhaps you need to be running as an Admin level user?

    Re-download 7-zip.
    Install over top.
    Then see if the uninstall works?

    Maybe something here:

    Why do I get NSIS Error - NSIS

  • Gwinnett GA
    Gwinnett GA

    Have encountered the same trouble uninstalling 7-zip 9.22beta. It will uninstall. An NSIS error keeps occurring. I have Admin privileges so it doesn't seem to be a user issue. To date I have:
    (1) tried to uninstall via Control Panel
    (2) tried to uninstall using CCleaner
    (3) downloaded 7z922.exe from 7-Zip site, re-installed, rebooted
    (4) tried to uninstall via Control panel
    (5) tried to uninstall from Uninstall.exe found in Programs(86)\7-Zip
    (6) tried to uninstall using Revo Uninstaller Pro
    See attached screen shots.

    I am running out of ideas. How can I uninstall 7-zip (7-zip9.22beta)?
    This program is preventing me from updating FF to 34.5. I tried to install FF 34 via exe and a 7-zip No permission error occurs. Any suggestions?

  • Igor Pavlov
    Igor Pavlov

    Note that Firefox installer uses 7-Zip SFX.
    So you have 2 different programs:
    1) 7-Zip
    2) 7-Zip SFX in Firefox installer.
    You don't need to unistall 1) 7-Zip to install Firefox via 2).
    You just have some problem when you call 2) 7-Zip SFX

    Try some things:
    1) call firefox installer with admin rights.
    2) check temp folder.