Replacing BZIP2 with PBZIP2?

  • Parallel BZIP2 (PBZIP2)
    by Jeff Gilchrist

    PBZIP2 is a multithreaded implementation of the BZIP2-algorithm.
    The author claims it to be fully compatible with BZIP2 and even on a SUN- 24-processor-machine the speedup is almost linear.

    Maybe this algorithm could replace the current bzip2-algorithm in 7-Zip so that professional users with multi-processor-machines who compress large ammounts of data witz bzip2 for distribution over the web can use 7-zip? This would be a benefit for owners of hyperthreading-processors too.

    Sebastian Wilke

    • Igor Pavlov
      Igor Pavlov

      It's interesting idea. Maybe later I'll check it.