7-Zip 4.14 alpha

  • Igor Pavlov
    Igor Pavlov

    7-Zip 4.14 alpha:

    Installer source code:

    What's new:
        - 7-Zip installer was created with NSIS.
          Now it installs 7-Zip for all users (under Windows 2000/XP).
        - Now 7-Zip can create multivolume archives
          (switch -v for command line)
        - Some bugs were fixed
        - New localizations: Breton, Farsi

    Please don't distribute that version. It's only for testing.
    You can write comments here about new installer and new version.

    • Why reboot?

      • Igor Pavlov
        Igor Pavlov

        Probably file 7-zipn.dll(7-zip.dll) was locked by explorer.

    • With nsis it's: 1.126.761 butes.
      Without nsis (plain 7z) it's 935.823

      • Igor Pavlov
        Igor Pavlov

        Yes, it can be reduced. But I don't want two steps. And I suppose in future NSIS will use x86 filter. So compression ratio will increase.

    • Here my contribution to nsis, it's really simple and small but efective :-D

      ;NSIS Modern User Interface version 1.70
      ;Welcome/Finish Page Example Script
      ;Written by Joost Verburg

      ;Include Modern UI

        !include "MUI.nsh"

      crccheck off

      BrandingText "www.7-zip.org"
      BGGradient 0099FF  FFFFFF 000000
      InstallColors /windows

      ;Name and file
      Name "7-zip"
      Caption "7-zip"
      OutFile "7zip_test.exe"

      ;Default installation folder
        InstallDir "$PROGRAMFILES\7-ziptest"
        InstallDirRegKey HKLM "Software\7ziptest" ""

      SetCompressor lzma
      SetCompressorDictsize 32

      !ifdef HAVE_UPX
      !packhdr tmp.dat "upx -9 tmp.dat"

      Section Shortcuts

      CreateDirectory "$SMPROGRAMS\7ziptest"
      SetOutPath $INSTDIR
      CreateShortCut "$SMPROGRAMS\7ziptest\7-zip.lnk" "$INSTDIR\7zFM.exe"
      CreateShortCut "$SMPROGRAMS\7ziptest\uninstall.lnk" "$INSTDIR\uninstall.exe"


      ;Interface Settings

        !define MUI_ABORTWARNING


        !insertmacro MUI_PAGE_WELCOME
        !insertmacro MUI_PAGE_DIRECTORY
        !insertmacro MUI_PAGE_INSTFILES
        !insertmacro MUI_PAGE_FINISH
        !insertmacro MUI_UNPAGE_WELCOME
        !insertmacro MUI_UNPAGE_CONFIRM
        !insertmacro MUI_UNPAGE_INSTFILES
        !insertmacro MUI_UNPAGE_FINISH


        !insertmacro MUI_LANGUAGE "Spanish"

      ;Installer Sections

      Var FileName

      Section ""

        SetOutPath "$INSTDIR"

      File /r c:\7zip\*.*

        ;Store installation folder
        WriteRegStr HKCU "Software\Modern UI Test" "" $INSTDIR
        ;Create uninstaller
        WriteUninstaller "$INSTDIR\Uninstall.exe"



        ;Assign language strings to sections

      ;Uninstaller Section

      Section "Uninstall"


        Delete "$INSTDIR\*.*"
        Delete "$INSTDIR\Uninstall.exe"
        Delete "$SMPROGRAMS\*.*"
        RMDir /r "$INSTDIR"
        RMDir /r "$SMPROGRAMS\7ziptest"

      DeleteRegKey /ifempty HKCU "Software\Modern UI Test"


    • oks...you want a installer with a music? it can be possible with nsis (mod,xm it) ;-D

    • Hello Igor,

      Is there any expected change in compression ratio between 4.14 and 3.13 (for the 'normal' 7-zip)?.

      Werner Bergmans

      • Igor Pavlov
        Igor Pavlov

        No changes. Chenges will be only in 5.*

    • Packed with nsis is not valuable.

    • I think I found a little bug:
      When the final archive size is smaller than the volume split we chose, 7-zip doesn't remove de ".001" at the end of the file name.


    • I find that the file manager and dialogs perform a lot faster than before.

      Apart from that, it gives me an error when I try to select a preset for the multivolume archive. Apparently it doesn't like the text ("3.5 inch floppy"). Also, I am disappointed that it still won't give me an error when a vital volume is missing/deleted.

      • Igor Pavlov
        Igor Pavlov

        > Apart from that, it gives me an error when I try to select a preset for the
        multivolume archive. Apparently it doesn't like the text ("3.5 inch floppy").

        Write more about that error.

        • When I select "1457664 - 3.5 Floppy" from the drop down box (or any other default) it gives me an "Incorrect Volume Size" error.

          It works if I remove the appended description and just leave the size ("1457664") though.

    • On my PC the files in the 7-zip main directory are displayed with only name and size attributes; the files in the sub-directories have all the attributes (type, date)
      PC running XP PRO SP1.

    • - If we delete a file of the volume set, 7-zip doesn't display a message error complaining about the missing file. Instead it opens a new FM windows each time we click over archive.001;
      - In right click menu the extract option creates a folder named "archive name.7z" and 7-zip put the original folder/files inside it.
      - I have no problems compressing to floppy disk volume size.


    • First of all, thanks for this great software !!.

      I found a little problem is 7-zip 4.14 : I selected a language different from english from file manager, but the context menu remain in english.
      File manager is ok, only the context menu is in english.
      All the previous versions worked ok for me.

      I tried on 2 different PC running both XP pro sp1.
      I tried to remove 7-zip, reboot the PC and then reinstall, but the problem was not solved.

    • same problem under xp pro sp2

      And the buttons in the status window during compressing don't change the language

      • Igor Pavlov
        Igor Pavlov

        I've found bug with language. It will be fixed in next beta.

    • the new naming need more registry entries.. still i recommend winrar way.. you can remove "part"


      so you need "7z" as single registry entry..

      - one more: the multivolume file are just a splitted file.. if you use "copy /b sample.001+sample.002 sample.7z the resulted file is normal 7zip file..

      -what is better to included a "bits" in header which should be noraml 7-zip header with indicator to number of the volume.. to if someone tampered with the files order 7-zip would easily notice it and when opened it just check the right sequence of headers..