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Archive converter into 7zip files

  • On his interesting site Dirk Paehl features an archive converter
    that converts to 7zip and other formats:
    http://www.paehl.de/com_convert.zip    commandline version
    -haven't tried lots but it seems to work-
    Note his commandlinetool comarc also makes 7zip-files.

    Maybe it's an idea for 7zip's todolist, conversion can boost the format.

    -R (dt)

    • is this legal?

    • "is this legal?" YES !!!

    • Maybe I should have been more clear. (sorry) Converting files might be legal but what i ment was: there is no source (as far as I can see) of the software on this pheal.de site, and I assume he used some parts of igor's code. Isn't this a violation of the 7zip (GNU/LGPL??) licenses. Or can we use the source and create whatever we want put copyright on it and ask money for it. (although this Mr. Phael isn't asking money). Where does the license draw a line?

    • Stop being a such a license nut. Its only using some 7-zip (and other programs') libraries. LGPA is quite liberal, so stop complaining. If you still have problems then email the author asking for the code.

      On topic: I have tried it, but it is useless to me as it only compresses to "normal" strength.