Open all files with write protection?

  • illyches

    Does anyone know a way to make 7-zip always open files with write-protection turned on.

    Rephrasing #1:
    Does anyone know how to make sure 7-zip never change a file?

    Rephrasing #2:
    How to use 7-zip in read-only mode?

    Hi everyone!

    Have to say I love 7-zip so far, it can open everything I want and it is small, fast and reliable. The only thing is I am a clumsy person and every now and then I tend to drag and or drop files out from my zip files or into them. Then I thought that maybe there is a solution to my problem. Maybe there was a feature in 7-zip that disabled the ability to change/edit my zip files. That way I would be completely sure I havent accidently changed important zip-files. If so then I could sleep better at night.

    Now what do you all say, any way this could work (or maybe it already does if I find the correct setting?

    Best regards illy

  • Igor Pavlov
    Igor Pavlov

    There is no such feature in 7-Zip.

    But 7-Zip can't update RAR archives.
    So you can convert your archives to RAR, and 7-Zip will not update them.

  • illyches

    Thanks for answering ipavlov :)

    Ill just have to be more careful then.

  • dos386

    > So you can convert your archives to RAR

    or ACE or KGB … but not with 7-ZIP

    > and 7-Zip will not update them

    True … but I got a better idea: set the "R" attribute on your precious files :-)