Standalone Application that can Unzip Folders?

  • Kunal

    I apologize for my limited knowledge on both this program and computers in general, but basically I need to send a script to a client (and I would highly prefer I only have to send them a single file) that they can run and automatically extract a zipped folder they have downloaded.

    When searching for a way to write a .bat script to do this, I found the only/best solution was to use 7-zip, however, I cannot have the client install 7-zip. Is there a way to send them a standalone application that will utilize 7-zip to unzip their files, or a way to write a batch script to do this without 7-zip?

    Help would be appreciated, thanks!

    Oh, and my client will be using either Windows XP/Vista/7

  • Shell

    If ZIP format is crucial, you can try 7za.exe, 7-Zip Standalone application from 7-Zip Extra package. If not, a self-extracting (SFX) 7-Zip archive will do. There are SFX modules for installers in the Extra package. The idea is:
    1) a user downloads and launches an EXE file;
    2) this file may display something (like end-user agreement), then
    3) extracts files from the archive inside itself and optionally
    4) runs one of extracted files (it may be EXE, BAT or anything else).
    Please, read appropriate help files from 7-Zip distribution for further details.