Maximum Compression Ratio

  • How to set maximum compression in the commandline ?

    1. 7-ZIP, LZMA, Ultra (Ultra>Max ???), 16 MB dict.,
    mem usage not more than cca 200 MB

    Ignoring Solid (only 1 file) & Multi-CPU (have only 1)

    2. ZIP, Deflate (PKZIP 2.x compat)

    3. BZIP2

    I DID read the manual but was not very smart after.

    • 1) 7z a -mx9 -m0=lzma:d24 archive files

      2) 7z a -tzip -mx9 archive files

      3) 7z a -tbzip2 -mx9 archive file

      For Bzip2 and Zip, Ultra is very slow.