Can we get a 4.0 status update at least?

  • From what I gather 4.0 won't be that much of leap in featues anyway, so what is all of the fuss about?

    If you take my advice you will forget about following 7z and just use what you have, then come back a year later and be very pleasantly surprised :-)

    I know I was when I discovered 7zip for the first time.

  • I think quality is more important than the date as a release with many bugs woukd be a turn off for many.
    And adding multi-volumes and filters that's core business.
    The whole 7-zip project is a beauty and as long as I don't donate, I will say thanks.

  • five days of September left. Who wants to bet it will be delayed yet again? *rolls eyes*

  • it will be done when it's done.

  • <<< wants to bet

  • I hope its released soon. I really need the GUI command line.

  • Be nice... programming is complex and complex, and really complex.
    Is there anything we can do to help?... in the mean-time.. does anybody have a solution to the multi volume thing. Should I just create an archive for each volume? Does 7-zip need to change directories to the root of a volume to archive files from that drive?

  • But he's been going at it for a year now and there's been no updates, some of us want to see a release before we get old and die

  • "But he's been going at it for a year now and there's been no updates, some of us want to see a release before we get old and die"

    What do you think an SDK is?
    "LZMA SDK 2004-09-05
    LZMA SDK 4.06 was released
    Minor bug was fixed"

    X-( tec

  • Software Developers Kit!!!
    It means if you have the gahoonies to do it yourself, Mr Pavlov's been nice enough to give you the code.

  • Sorry, I'm not a geek and yes I can program and no I can't be arsed compiling it myself as I don't have my whole lifetime to work it out.
    Infact why don't you do it and post links for us so we can also enjoy the program?
    Oh no wait, you just like moaning at ppl on forums

    Anyways, Please igor it's September 30th and my windows calendar says that it's the last day of september, therefore you should be releasing the next version today (as u said last month) so I will wait.
    Oh yes, I use winrar because igor is too slow to bother updating us anymore.

    • Igor Pavlov
      Igor Pavlov

      Maybe roadmap was not real in past. But I suppose it's better than without roadmap at all. At least you can read roadmap as task for developer.

      Current status: code for beta is ready. I make latest tests and fix some bugs. so it will be released in 2 days.

      • promised 2 days to new version are away, where is new version to download?

        author can still only promise and promise, 31.8., september, end of october, then end of november, sorry if is development dead I'm going away

    • A bit more respect for Mr. Pavlov please. He's doing this all by himself and gives it freely to you. He doesn't need people to watch the calender.

      He also has a IRL life you know, where they make money to buy food.

      Mr Pavlov, take you're time. What you've done so far is already great. No need to rush version 4. Some people just can't restain themselves because of excitement :)

      2 days sounds very good by the way :)

  • I agree. Take the time you need to make an even better product. It's free, so if you don't like it, choose another one. There are commercial products that are less updated than 7-zip!

    Yes, 2 days it's superb... I am waiting for that day, since at least June.

  • Hi, yes 2 days is great, I do apologise Igor but I really really want to use your program as it's so great
    I can't wait!!!! :)
    Sure, you are spending you're time making it for us and we don't mind it taking time, it would prolly be better if u gave a rough outline of what was coming next or what you had done so far but not exact dates as they drive me crazy lol :)
    If you need help you should advertise on your site for other programmers??