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Resume on Error

  • I couldn't find this in the documentation anywhere. Is there a way to make 7-Zip warn on an error and then skip the file, instead of dying.

    I am trying to backup multi-gigabyte user home folders and sometimes they manage to create files that 7-Zip cannot support (filename too long [210 chars, error is "The system cannot find the path specified."], multiple files with the same name in different cases [created on a Mac and then saved over the network to NTFS drive, like ._FILENAME.HTML and ._Filename.HTML]). I want to skip those files and continue backing up the rest of the data.

    • See the Message Entitled "Failure Using Listfiles" about 2 pages back from here.
      It means recompiling 7za.exe ... this worked for me.
      ... I didn't know the filename limit was 210 chars... Windows MAX_PATH is 259!!!