Suggested feature: simulated compression

  • Hi,
    what about an option to perform a compression (after having set all parameters) without actually writing to disk? This would allow you to test how much something very big might be compressed without requiring some free Gigabytes to discover it.
    Thanks for 7-zip!
    Michele Alessandrini

    • Igor Pavlov
      Igor Pavlov

      I don't think that it's too useful feature.

    • Maybe it's useful only to few people, but I think it's a very simple feature, to the point that I'd like to implement it by myself. The only problem is that compilation requires VC++6. Almost everyone making GPL programs for Windows requires non-free tools to recompile it, so that a philosophical thought takes me every time a similar problem arises: can those programs be considered 100% free?
      Let me know that I consider 7-zip one of the best tools one can use today in compression, and I am very thankful for it, that's the reason why I'm inducing in such considerations...

    • > Let me know  ..... I meant "Let me say"

    • Go for it, implement your feature and show the result here if you can get it done.
      Ask/mail for help with compilation, if you need that.