[RFC] Error Logging and shutdown option

  • Ismir Übel
    Ismir Übel

    After a lengthy unpack operation of multiple archives with a command line like this

        7zg x -an -ai@filelist -otarget_dir\* -scsWIN

    7zg presents a dialog with a list of errors that occured:
      0 archive1.rar
      1 CRC failed in 'file1.ext'. File is broken.
      2 archive2.zip
      3 CRC failed in 'file2.ext'. File is broken.

    It would be nice if I could specify path and name of a log file to be written. It would be even nicer if one could set an environment variable with default values (both WinRAR and UPX support a RAR / UPX environment variable, btw).

    When an additional switch -sh is given, 7zg / 7z / 7za should not show the final dialog and shutdown the system instead.