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CBR/CBZ context menu option

  • thebigfatgeek

    It would be a great option to provide a context menu option in Windows to allow for the creation of CBR or CBZ type comic book files (which are just renamed zip (cb[z]) and rar (cb[r]) files. Currently the process is to select a group of jpg files, create a zip or rar file, rename the archive's extension to cbz or cbr respectively and then delete the original jpg files.

    A one stop "Move to CBR" or " Move to CBZ" would be an enormous help for comic readers.

    I cannot find an utility that provides this functionality.

    Last edit: thebigfatgeek 2013-05-16
  • szfong

    use a batch file (.bat/.cmd) or a PowerShell (*.ps1) file for such chores.