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7-zip and (once more) GPOs

  • Michail Pappas
    Michail Pappas

    Hey there Igor! Thank you for providing an excellent, open-source program to the masses. With each new version it just gets better and better, without having all that bloatware I hate on other archivers.

    There is one request though, one that quite a few users seem to be having: modifying your .MSI distribution in order to support association of 7-zip with archives.

    This is a must have for active directory deployments, easing the admin work by simply creating an .MST (MSI transform) file that modifies the original 7zip.msi installation.

    Please, by all means, do consider adding this functionality! 7-zip being freeware and not shareware etc is perfect for being deployed into companies, however the lack of .msi support for this is an obstacle (yes, I do know that this can be done by script, but something like that requires special knowledge on the sysadmin part, which just might not be there...)

    With kind regards,


    • Igor Pavlov
      Igor Pavlov

      These mis / mst things are too complex for me.
      I use wix program to create msi.

      • Igor, thank You for your 7-zip project.

        Please, give me link to the 7-zip wix project sources, and I can help You for file associations during installation (optionally, based on MSI properties).

        P.S. Have You git repository for 7-zip wix project? GitHub is more useful for projects, like as 7-zip.

    • Michail Pappas
      Michail Pappas

      Igor thank you for your response.

      In this case, can you produce an msi that will, out of the box, automatically associate 7-zip with all extensions it can handle?

      If you do not want to distribute an MSI that does this, then perhaps you could distribute this special MSI in the page with a note like "WARNING: This version makes 7-zip the default application for all archive types, during installation"

      What do you think?

  • Gvozden

    If there is anyone who has a transformation ready, can you please post it here or send it to developer to post it in the download section?