File association zip file open fails in Windows 7

  • Collector

    Hello, I have installed 7-Zip 64-bit version 9.20
    My operating system is Windows 7 64-bit professional.
    I have set the 7-Zip executable to run as administrator and have
    selected all archives to be associated with 7-Zip.

    When I double click on a zip file in Windows Explorer, an error message pops up saying "Application not found"

    If I use the right click context menu and select open, the same message appears "Application not found".

    If I use the right click 7-Zip context menu and select "Open archive"
    nothing happens.

    The other 7-Zip context menu commands seem to work correctly, and I can
    start the 7-Zip file manager from the start menu of Windows and use file open to open the zip file.

    Is this a registry issue ? how can it be fixed ?

  • aplatypus


    Yes this is still a problem, June 2014. I installed 64-bit 9.2 MSI file this week and the windows explorer right-mouse-click and double click do NOT work.

    Does anyone have a fix? Will the 32-bit version work OK? Perhaps it is worth down-grading.

  • atplsx

    Right click 7-zip file manager run as administrator