Invisible self-extract exe?

  • Yanno

    Some people have contacted me about getting a zip program that has an invisible (self-extract exe) unzip capabliity. I like 7-zip for all the features it boasts, and maybe this could be another one. I'd like to hear thoughts on this too.

    • Ares

      What do you mean by "invisible" exactly?

    • I guess he means a self-extract exe which automatically extracts its files in a defined directory without user intervention.

    • I am new to 7zip and i am sad to say that the instructions are not easy to understand to a newbie.

      I hv created a 7zip SFX.exe file, now i want to
      autoextract to a directory for example c:\temp

      how do i do that?

    • how can i make a 7zip_Sfx.exe auto extract to c:\temp2

      • Igor Pavlov
        Igor Pavlov

        Now the only way is runtime switch:
        7z.exe -oc:\temp2 -y

    • I tried the

      7z.exe -oc:\temp2 -y

      but i still get this picture below. so it isn't totally silent

    • what is the point of extracting something without letting the user know that the "something" in object is beeing extracted?

    • Well let see, Installshield, Inno, Wise, Winrar, Quick Batch Compiler and other all hv that feature
      maybe u should also tell them that their /S switch, /VerySilent, /qn switch, and MST are useless.

      it is used for deployment,

    • "-bd: Disable Percentage indicator"

      ^^^ Shouldn't that work for disabling the progress bar? Does it not work or am I just not implementing it right?

      e.g. 7z.exe -oC:\Temp2 -y -bd
      or    7z.exe -oC:\Temp2 -y -bd:

    • it doesn't work