rar support?

  • chm command line help says: "{archive_type} Specifies the type of archive. It can be: zip, 7z, rar"...

    Does 7zip support to create rar files only in command line mode? In gui theres no choice for rar.

    • 7-Zip supports RAR extraction only, in both the CLI and GUI.

    • Igor Pavlov
      Igor Pavlov

      it's bug in help.

    • Wei Mingzhi
      Wei Mingzhi

      NO archivers other than WinRAR can support creating .rar files as .rar file format is proprietary.

      I urge you NOT to use .rar file format in any way.

    • I agree with you in not using the RAR format, however it is quite useful in that it has multiple volume ability.

      Hopefully multivolumes will be implemented as it is probably the last thing holding 7-zip back from total domination :).