Problems of the console version (7z.exe). It is a bug?

  • Hi, all.
    I use the console version as the slave-process for mass processing of ".fb2" of files.
    The zip/unzip functions are used only.
    Everything works well, but it was casually found problem.
    At big loading of the central processor lag of the archiver approximately is revealed
    3-5 times on 1000 processed files.
    The console archiver correctly performs all work and issues usual information in a StdOut.
    Upon termination of work process doesn't come to the end and for something waits.
    It can be complete ^C.
    7z.exe 4.65, 9.2, 9.22 versions were checked. Results identical.

    Problems at the 7za.exe version it was revealed not,but it has the big sizes.
    Than 7za.exe and 7z.exe versions differ?

    (System: Windows XP Home SP3, Intel Core 2 Duo E6750, 2666 MHz)

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    AFAIK, 7za.exe contains a somewhat smaller subset of 7z.exe + 7z.dll. All supported archiving operations should be functionally identical (since they all are compiled from a single code base), so the bug must be somewhere in the surrounding code. Note that 7z.exe contains minimum of archiving itself - the corresponding code is moved to 7z.dll.

    Please provide the files and the command you give. I shall try to reproduce the error. Before that, however, check the command line yourself - perhaps you erroneously specified stdin as one of the files.

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    OK, I am going to do some debugging. I shall post here any problems I encounter. I shall send you specific questions by e-mail.

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  • Using source codes zip-and with I wrote a primitive console packer / unpacker. He loses in packing 7z.exe for some percent, but no problems with lags existed. Besides, one more baddy disappeared also - in some archives 7z oddly distorts some files with names in a cyrillic. Distortions have reversible character, but all the same isn't comfortable. Farewell, 7z...