7za and splitting ".7z" archive

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  • my space
    my space

    In the code, there is "#ifdef _7Z_VOL".

    But in the project of "Alone.dsp" (4.09Beta) , "_7Z_VOL" is not defined.

    Does this mean that 7za do not support splitting of ".7z"  archive ? And will not support this feature ?

    • Igor Pavlov
      Igor Pavlov

      I wrote about that.
      _7Z_VOL is for native .7z volume support.
      It's not finished still.
      So now 7-zip uses .7z + .split.
      If native .7z volume will be finished, you will be able to use .7z + .7z. It means that you will have archive inside archive, but 7-zip can operate them in one step.