Open Source or NOT? where are the sources

  • Sorin Sbarnea
    Sorin Sbarnea

    As many of you didn't notice there is no submitted code in the CVS (also the link to CVS is not enabled). In fact there is no information about the 7-zip sources. Still it is marked as LGPL.

    I want to see the sources as soon as posible.
    If my request is ignored i will report this to

    • Can't reproduct your problem. See Download.
      7-ZIP is open source.
      "i will report this to" :-(


    • Guess some people are blind.  What a poor attitude also.

      Keep up the fantastic work 7-zip guys!

    • what a silly msg!!! open your f'd blind eyez.

      • Sorin Sbarnea
        Sorin Sbarnea

        Sorry, my mistake. I was looking for the CVS..., the rest is history :(

    • How did I just compile it then?
      Silly bugger!!!
      Look to the forum.

    • Riccardo

    • > "If my request is ignored i will report this to"

      Well, if your problem is so big & urgent, why the hell don`t
      you report it to the Secret State Police ???

      Big thanks to Igor for making his project Open Source.

    • intersol - the sevenzip project sourcecode is available for download...  you should be able to get it in *.tar.bz2 format... it's been years there...

      you dont get out too much dont you?


    • we are a little paranoid, aren't we?

    • sheesh! talk about a lack of gratitude.

    • intersol - please check the downloads first before making claims that could make you look stupid :p

      • David Howe
        David Howe

        presumably this not-looking-stupid would have to be retroactive to the moment of his birth then?