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Treat .tar.gz extract as atomic operation?

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  • gmagana: The previous speaker talked about an actual problem when the tar file is huge and the hard disk is too small to hold both the .tar and the extracted files. This is a legit use case for one-step extraction. I also don't understand your talk about free software should not aspire to be user friendly and make users happy, as if this would be reserved to commercial software only.

    The previous speaker also suggested to make this behaviour configurable, he did not even ask to make it the default behavior. So I don't know where the problem is except that nobody has the time to implement it. Which is fine, but no reason to blame people who make such reasonable suggestions.

  • John Lee
    John Lee

    Think that on this thread and others some people are rather schizoid - they want lots of new features eg this one, and at the same time complain about the long beta period and want Igor to do a release of 7zip. Not really possible, so adjustment of expectations needed I think… John  

  • @Cito: Agreed, I was not saying it was an illegitimate request (I also have my own list of 7zip quirks that I do not fell too good about).

    What I was disagreeing with was the attitude of the guy. Igor does us a HUGE service - for free - by writing 7zip.  I'm just saying rather than being annoyed at him and 7zip, if it's so important, then why not contribute (submit a patch) or donate to the project?  If not, be patient, Igor has shown time and again that 7zip working well is extremely important to him.

    Also, if WinRAR already has the feature, then $29 USD is not too much to pay for it, specially if it's important to have and you can get its immediate benefit.  It's not too difficult to associate TGZ files with WinRAR and keep everything else associated with 7zip.

  • gmagana: Right, complaining and whining will not motivate anyone to work on these issues. Donations, thank-you-notes, and patches will do. But on the other hand, developers not be too touchy. If something sounds reasonable and will improve the project, put it on your todolist, otherwise ignore it.
    Also, you cannot expect everyone to work out a patch - you need to have the required skill sets, tools, experience and often much time to familiarize with the project code, maybe hundred times more than the original developer and the time you would save by this feature.

    Personally, I like 7-Zip very much and this is the only obvious feature I'm missing. Or maybe, a context menu entry to create an archive with the current date added to the file name automatically. Btw, I heared also  colleagues at work "complain" that this is the only thing about 7-Zip that's somewhat bugging. You know, the kind of people who would never give any feedback on the internet, just use what they get. I think feedback on the forum is still better than no feedback at all.

    Btw, is there a "donate" button? I didn't see one.


  • Anonymous

    +1 for feature that makes extraction of tar.gz files more atomic.
    Please implement this atleast as a command line option.


  • Anonymous

    +1… Silly that this is not implemented

  • Tony O'Hagan
    Tony O'Hagan

    There are clearly some who like things the way they are (I'm still puzzled as to why) but now clearly a vast majority of users who badly need this annoyingly missing feature. Given that both parties can be easily accommodated with an opt in/out option there really is no reason to not add what is obviously the "most wanted" feature.

    Given the extraordinary number of users who want this feature and the apparent silent deafness at the other end you can only wonder if this project begs to be forked! Open source is about community - but this "deafness" approach is not.

  • BaDboD

    +1 from  me too.

    I use many OS daily and my daily activities require a lot of command line, so I am happy using both GUI and Command. I install and almost exclusively use 7-zip on all my systems (except sometimes from command prompt where tar -zxvf get's it done nice and clean). When using a GUI in any of my OSI alway use the context menu and it would be a great plus for me would this be a single operation.

    Great tool, and in my normal days use there is only this one minor inconvenience. Great Job! Keep up the good work, I for one really appreciate it.


  • rfntyhrtfyh

    extracting .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 with a single context menu operation is the MUST HAVE feature, it saves time and brings a productivity into work. This is the only feature 7zip lacks to become a #1 software. All the major competitors have implemented it a long time ago.

  • dos386

    > extracting .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 with a single __context__ menu

    It's about more ;-)

    > Treat .tar.gz extract as atomic operation?

    Done: http://jafile.com/uploads/dos386/untgzkir.zip (50 KiB !!!)

  • Timmy Turner
    Timmy Turner

    Has there been any progress on this? Or do we still have to resort to WinRAR?

  • dos386

    NO. See above.

  • Auguste

    +1 too

    took a search on tracker. seems there are already several request on this. it's simply stupid to refuse implementing this. no one on linux that i know of extract .tar.gz file by two steps. and no one that i know of chain tar and gunzip to extract .tar.gz files. it's as simple as tar xzf foo.tar.gz or even tar xf foo.tar.gz on newer versions.

  • grey874

    The only reason why I don't recommend or use 7-zip for day-to-day operations. IMHO this is a bit daft.

  • How can anyone ignore users like this? Like so many others said before, in 99% of all times I extract a .tar.gz or .tar.bzip2 file, I don't want the tar archive but its extracted contents. On Linux I do this from the command line, but on Windows I want to right-click from the shell and do it atomically or at least have an option to do so. This is the ONLY reason I never recommend this tool to non-expert PC users and why I still have WinRAR around, even though I want to get rid of it.

    Just implement this, guys. It should not be any effort worth mentioning. JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

  • Oh, and I forgot to mention: On Linux, "tar xf foo.tar.gz" or "tar xf foo.tar.bzip2" both default to unpacking atomically. This behaviour has been the tar default for years now. So just keep your compatibility concerns to yourself and use your brain. Creating software is not about what developers want, but about what users want/need. We do need this long overdue feature. NOW.

  • Tony O'Hagan
    Tony O'Hagan

    And ALL the people said … AMEN!  Cheers  kriegaex .

  • Travis Carden
    Travis Carden

    It seems like this thread is just being ignored. Aside from submitting a patch, what else might we do to help this issue along?


  • Anonymous


    Clearly consistency with tar and gz is a really big deal here, so for the sake of being consistent, it's absolutely vital that, like tar, 7zip be able to decompress tar.gz files in a single step, in addition to being able to decompress them in two steps.


  • Looking forward to this as well. This is a feature that I miss from WinRAR.

    Bach, Johann Sebastian Konrad Laski

  • Tom Kent
    Tom Kent


    At least it could be an option in the settings. The default could be as is or changed that doesn't matter.

  • eXpl0it3r

    Although I'm starting to give up hopes, another +1 can't hurt… ;)

  • castelar

    A big huge +1


  • Anonymous

    meaningless +1

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