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ZIPX support

Mr. Rasmus
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  • dos386

    researching and figuring out what was going on, I ended up here trying to
    figure out if anything besides WinZip could extract it

    Try this one: https://code.google.com/p/theunarchiver/downloads/detail?name=unar1.5_win.zip&can=2&q=

    Didn't test it myself ... Anyone having silly SIT's, SITX's, ZIPX's ... etc
    please upload so one can test (I don't have any such files on stock)

    Popularity of Windaube 98 : 1/4000 in 2012 ... 1/8000 in 2013 ... 1/16'000 in 2014

    Bloat of WingZIP : 100 MiB in 2012 ... 200 MiB in 2013 ... 400 MiB in 2014

  • rmps

    it works both for wav and jpeg and all the other shit, thanx for info

  • Sharlene

    I have been telling everyone how great 7-Zip is and putting on any machine I use because it is so handy. Can open any archive file I would say, why do you need anything else, let alone some old version of WinZIP our IT department uses, which cannot open a lot of archives. Plus it can compress using multiple cores which is handy for really large files.

    I recently downloaded a new version of some commercial software we use from Schlumberger's web site, and it was a ZIPX file, the first one I had encountered, and 7-Zip could not extract it for me. I was so surprised. I had to tell people to use WinZip...

    But if you Google it, there are several applications which do support ZIPX, and I think some places like Schlumberger just end up using it because it is the new default in new versions of WinZip. So we can expect to see more of it.

    So Igor, 7-ZIP is amazing, you have done an amazing job, it would be great if you can add ZIPX support. It would be well worth it, and keep 7-ZIP the best archiver out there.

  • Ivan Arlovsky
    Ivan Arlovsky

    One more vote for JPEG Compression (method 96). If winzip is the problem, maybe another method of JPEG compression designed for 7-zip is a better solution, IDK.

  • Daniello Alto
    Daniello Alto

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