.7z format and filesystem features

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    Just tried p7zip, and noticed a problem that's likely to be relevant to the 7-zip developer:

    Filesystem features existing in Linux but not in Windows, such as symbolic links and file permissions, are not preserved when packing a directory to .7z format. I suppose that's because the .7z format spec does not feature provisions for those.

    As 7zip is getting ported to new architectures (I saw mention of Mac OS X in the p7zip forum as well), it would be nice to add provision in the .7z format spec to store some "platform-specific" metadata in archives.

    Just an idea, but please consider.

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      Yes, good idea.

      For information :
      zip and rar for Unix behave like p7zip with symbolic links.
      they store the file/directory linked instead of the link itself.
      When the link is invalid (point to an invalid path) a warning is displayed and the link is not store in the archive.

      For file permissions, I don't know if zip or rar store it ?

      So now, use the "tar" provide with your OS and then store this archive.tar into archive.tar.7z

      example :
      tar cf directory | 7za a -si archive.tar.7z
      instead of
      tar cf directory | gzip -9c > archive.tar.gz