7-Zip 9.32 alpha

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  • Igor, thanks for prompt reply!

    Please also fix help for -slt switch:
    1. It says that it shows technical information but actually it hides this info. Or better fix the switch to opposite: -slt shows info, -slt- hides info.
    2. Help page says this switch is used with l command, but it is also used with h.

    • Igor Pavlov
      Igor Pavlov

      -slt switch is temporary solution to hide time stat.

  • PaddyM

    7zip is invaluable. Many thanks to Igor.
    Thanks to shell for the tricks with versions >9.20
    Dinosaur systems like NT4 are still out there.
    Thanks to all for not abandoning them.

    • Shell

      Thank you :-)

  • Nike

    I found that in version 9.32 does not work format tar-gzip.
    In 9.20 was OK.

  • Vahit

    Hello Igor 7 zip Is For Me A Great Tool But it Still Have Problems with some Iso Files You cant extract them Its getting error or slow extreme down In some Situations I Must Install Winrar To Extract Them Pls Can You Fix That ?

    • Tom Watson
      Tom Watson

      Yes, I have problems with file names over 64 characters as well. I can make up an '.iso' file if it is necessary.

  • grml4d

    @Vahit may be winrar has been updated while 7z-gui is using an old lib from winrar...

    i wonder if i am next in line for gift ? <3 [you can upload the new grub4dos to mega.me if you want ]
    i made a free account and uploaded a remix of the 4 schreks : https://mega.co.nz/#F!GMAwFSiA!GdfJtRKzkiIMEWVzdlMBdw

    may be you ll have added 7z support to grub4dos before end of film <3 <3

    • grml4d

      no one helps ?

  • Paulo Ferreira
    Paulo Ferreira

    thanks for the very good software

  • Squeeze M
    Squeeze M

    Hi, is there any project to support lzip file format?
    It's a gzip-like and LZMA based compressor/decompressor (take a look: http://www.nongnu.org/lzip/lzip.html ).
    At least for decompression purpose?

    Thanks, Marco

    • Ricardo

      lzip calls itself as "a clean implementation of the LZMA algorithm".

      Why do you think Igor, one of the creators of LZMA, would want to use an almost unknown fork of his own work?

      • Squeeze M
        Squeeze M

        Hi, Ricardo.

        Maybe because:
        0) I'm a little bit curious and not a cat?

        1) Seems to be an easy to add support? Being an LZMA implementation it sounds quite compatible with the off-the-shelf 7zip code, xz also is a fork and has support.

        2) Being also bzip2-like it's a quite useful tool under nix machines? Using a mixed nix/MS environment a 7-zip support it's of my interest. And it has some interesting features (like chained files decompression). Trying to change the 9.32alpha source to add support by myself it's quite difficult (as they are not released, being an alpha release).

        BTW: A plain, simple "no" (or even nothing) (by Igor) it's enough. The lzip source code it's really easy to compile under any platform and I can use the command-line.
        I've stumped on it testing some *nix projects with the source compressed only with lzip.


  • Fallon

    A reminder that 7-Zip File Manager cannot yet start up several jpg files from archives in common viewers like Acdsee and Faststone Viewer. This aside, I like each update!

    Last edit: Fallon 2014-04-06
  • gora2

    This 7z SFX made ​​version 9.30 (Used modified SFX module).
    Archiver version 9.30 opens, tests, unpacks this SFX without problems.
    Archiver version 9.32 can not open, test, unpack this SFX.


    Last edit: gora2 2014-04-12
    • Igor Pavlov
      Igor Pavlov

      The resource section in PE stub was reduced (stripped zeros).
      7-Zip skips pe-stub before 7z detection. So it skips start of 7z archive.
      Now I'm not ready to change that code.
      It can break something.

      Note also that it's possible to open that archive via context menu (open > 7z).

      If it's default pe stub, is it possible to make correct and full stub?

      Last edit: Igor Pavlov 2014-04-12
      • gora2

        Now I'm not ready to change that code.


        So there will be another opening protection 7z SFX... :)

  • szfong

    Hi Igor,

    Since 7-Zip supports RAR files in general, and has no plans to support RAR 5 files in the foreseeable future, I was wondering if it was possible for the next alpha to display an error that tells its user it does not support RAR 5 files. Currently I keep mistakenly thinking that I've got a corrupted RAR file... :-)

  • Linda

    Hi Igor,

    7z 9.32 can't extract last 4GB files from matlab803.iso (CJK version, http://pan.baidu.com/s/1bngoQmV) correctly (7.32 GiB or 7868692480 B), for example bin, etc, help...
    WinRAR 5.01 is OK, and reports 'ISO 9660 Joliet File'.
    Maybe you can reproduce and fix?

  • Melchior

    Hi Igor thx for a great Program =D

    over the year I have tried to get at drivers, etc stored in cab files
    inside packed-installers or loose-installers in an archive and such...
    for manual installs to avoid extra clutter of installed crap.

    from what I found out its really using zlib as compression...

    As WinRAR and 7zip are the best(I like to use both ^_^) archive tool in the world that I have ever used
    I wanted to ask/send-out this minor request to add support to view and extract the
    "Install Shield [.cab]" files
    if at all possible

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