Command line return values - valueless

  • Greg Norris
    Greg Norris

    I was wondering if the command line return values could relate to the status of the last command,

    I ran 7z.exe to archive some files in batch and it returned a Zero - which my batch was testing,..

    My batch then performed a za t  filename and subsequent to a Zero return on the test deleted the original file.

    The problem is that the file DID NOT archive yet both the archive and test processes returned a Zero. How is anyone supposed to test the success of a batch process without valid return codes?

    Willing to help where I can as I can see this as a great application. I also really like the GUI interface.. Much more logical for non technical users.

    Many regards,

    • bjsjr

      I have to agree.  Invalid return codes makes this dangerous to use for automated backups (which was my planned application.)



    • If you want a good, free and complete backup program, take a look at cobian backup 6:
      Author has already started coding version 7.
      Surprise: somebody suggested the author to include compression with 7-zip in next version!