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[9.34] Operation Is Not Supported. Again.

  • rjsec4ever

    OS: Win8.1-update1 Pro.
    Type of Account: Admin.

    I've had this issue since 9.20, where I can't add anything to an already existing archive.
    I've also been noticing many others having similar issues.

    Here are my problems:
    - If 7zFM is not set to 'Run As Admin', I am capable of opening archives via context menu, but can't extract to Windows' 'protected' folders. (This one is quite obvious.) I normally do this for other file types like ISO.
    - If 7zFM is set to 'Run As Admin', the inverse happens (can't open archives via context menu, able to extract directly to system folders).

    - If 7zFM is run under admin, I can create archives from it...
    - If 7zFM isn't run as admin, I'm unable to do so. (Operation is not supported.)
    - If I create an archive via context menu OR an elevated FM, if I try to add files to said archive, elevated or not, I get the same 'Operation is not supported.' error.

    All I'd like to do is be able to add files to already-made archives, and to open archives via context menu. Maybe make the program always run as admin?

    EDIT: I'm able to add to archives with two elevated instances of 7zFM. It shouldn't be necessary.

    Last edit: rjsec4ever 2014-06-29