• Igor - I noticed you added a .NET SDK for LZMA.  I was very excited to see this and was hoping (strongly) that you'd also be updating 7-Zip to C# or at least have a .NET version.

    Have you thought about doing that?  If so, any rough timeframe in mind?

    • Igor Pavlov
      Igor Pavlov

      I like C#, but C# code is not too fast (about 60% of C++ code speed).
      So why do you need C# version of 7-Zip?

    • Don't need one, but I do like having all managed code when I develop .NET applications.

      One additional benefit would be a C# 7-Zip DLL referenced in my .NET application would allow me intellisense on functions you expose in the 7-zip DLL.  Since there isn't any documentation today for how to use the dll from other applications, I really don't know how to use it.  With the intellisense, I probably could figure it out rather quickly.  The root of this for me is that I have trouble understanding the C++ sourcecode you have as I never really worked with C++.

      • Igor Pavlov
        Igor Pavlov

        Do you need only .7z format supporting or something more?

    • Well it would be great to be able to create 7z archives (with optional AES Encryption) and extract files from 7z archives (with optional AES encryption).  No other format really would be necessary since 7z is really the power of what everyone wants to do with 7-Zip.

      • Igor Pavlov
        Igor Pavlov

        It will be not too soon.