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Why not use the power of Open Source?

  • Philip MacCabe
    Philip MacCabe

    ipavlov, your program is well written and one of a kind. however some basic features essential to its usability and value to the rest of us are missing, not because they are too difficult to implement or wanted by only a fringe group of users, but simply because you do not have time to implement them. The most obvious of these , Drag & Drop support, has already had both development and testing done on it as an 'unofficial modification' to 7-zip. I know this and the UI are not your primary focus at the moment, but why not let us benefit from others who have both the knowledge and willingness to free you from worrying about it at all?

    What are your motivations for not allowing others to check specific, much needed, and well-tested code into the codebase?

    Why would it not be more beneficial to open up development to a wider group of contributors?

    • I am still using 3.13. Has the keyboard support been enhanced in beta 4.x? That would for me be much more important than drag&drop. From an accessability point of you I guess drag&drop is less important.

    • Seems like a pretty good question to me. I could really go for some drag and drop support.

    • Me too... would love drag and drop

    • It's certainly a big puzzle - as stated the code has been written and works well.  Why not check it in - and stop these continual requests for a much-needed feature?

    • Shaun

      I am amazed that Ipavlov has been able to do this much alone, it really is incredible :).  But I have to agree, the power of open source comes from everyone cooperating so fast progress could come if Ipalov has more help.

      There is always the option of forking if you can find a group of people who are knowledeable enough to go forward.  Perhaps if someone does Ipavlov will bring you all onboard and defork :).

      It will take alot of speed to try and catchup to RAR (the program I compare 7zip to when doing comparisons).  The options are unbelieveable.  WinRAR is free to download just to check out the features, but I do not recommend using it since it is not Free Software.  If we could get 7zip running like that, that would be pretty kool :o).