7zip console output not showing all items

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    It is still desirable to look at the commands you issue. My experiment:
    for /l %i in (0,1,199) do copy nul %i.txt
    7z920 a test.7z *.txt
    7z920 l test.7z

    I used 7-Zip 9.20 Standalone and it shows all the files properly.

    Indeed, 7-Zip divides an archive into blocks, but folders and empty files are not linked to any block. It is possible to not list those files erroneously... but my version of 7-Zip works correctly.

    If it is possible, please upload an archive which behaves wrongly on your system. Also try another archiver or another 7-Zip version if you can - does it show all the files?

    Last edit: Shell 2014-01-11