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drag and drop support

  • hi,

    just wondering if 7-zip supports drag and drop from and to archives on windows explorer? if not i think this would really be good to include in it.

    • Yeah drag&drop interface is big lack of 7z

    • you just keep whacking the bee hive with that stick boy

    • hahahaha the above post almost made me choke :-P

    • i'm missing drag and drop, too. 7-zip would be perfect and it would probably reach more people than now. the ones i showed the prog said thay won't use it just because of this lack

    • Stepho

      Try using the 2 panels file manager, it's very efficient. Especially when you use the keyboard shortcuts; very fast. :-)

    • That 2 panelsfile manager is the reason I only use 7zip as a rightclick shell extension. It's a relic from the last century.

    • I would have to agree with drag and drop. I usually go with powerarchiver simply cause it's more convenient. Include drag and drop & you'll be top dog.

    • didn't show so I'll reply again. I agree with the NEED for drag and drop. Convenience is a major factor for many people. 7z format isn't widely used simply because of this. Until it is I stick with powerarchiver. I use 7-zip on "occasion" when I'm tryin to sqeeze out a small size. Include drag and drop and you'll be top dog.