Move Option in 4.0?

  • I was disappointed that a move command was not added the the 4.0 interface and commandline.

    So one can move files to an archive and not just compress then have to manually go back and erase.

    Any chance we could see that in the next beta?

    • Igor Pavlov
      Igor Pavlov

      Probably - No.
      Before implementing Move, we must be sure that other stuff works without bugs.

    • How about adding a move command that moves the file, but "deletes" the file into the Recycle Bin.  If anything goes wrong, you could always fish it out of the Recylce Bin.  Just a thought!


    • djek

      The Recycle Bin does not work on network drives.

    • Hmm, true.  WinZip has the feature to move files and just moves local files into the Recycle Bin, and permanently deletes network files.  I think, anyway.  7-zip is still way better tho ;)  Just a suggestion, that's all.  If people are afraid of using the move feature, they just won't use it, no?