#1376 Packed Size on file mis-reported as size of entire archive


I zipped (7-zip) format a folder.
I looked at the size of folder/files opening it in 7-zip.
I noticed a large size on one folder and drilled down. 7-zip reported the same size down to a single file. It happened to be a 1KB text file getting reported as 2+MB.

As I looked more closely, I noticed the filesize was the size of the entire archive / top-level folder.

Attached: "umbraco_client.7z" (inside top-level 7z attached) exhibits this ("umbraco_client" : 2242114 - same size is reported through "Code Mirror" > "js" > "mode" > "sieve" > "LICENSE").

If I use a zip format and it reported the Packed Size correctly.
If I change the compression level on the 7-zip archive, it still mis-reports the Packed Size.
I also zipped just the last folder in the chain - same issue.
If I zip just the last file - it reports the size correctly.
Originally, I zipped a larger set of folder/files and the folder chain was slightly different ("razor" instead of "sieve" but still the "LICENSE" file in that folder).

It appears to just be a mis-reporting as the compression/de-compression all works correctly and all files are being compressed.

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