#1290 x64 installer is broken


I just downloaded the latest .msi installer for windows 64 bit and I'm trying to install it on a Windows 7 64bit system.

I run the installer and I get this error:
"The following applications are using files that need to be updated by this setup. Close these application etc etc".
And the only application in the list is: "Explorer" (its name is displayed in Italian because my system is in Italian so I'm not sure how it is called in English, whether "Explorer" or "File Explorer" or whatever)

Obviously there's no way I can close it. I've already closed all open file browsing windows but I still get the error.
So basically I can't install 7Zip.


  • sistisette

    Well I could install it but only by killing the explorer process, which is kind of ridiculous not to mention dangerous (and most users won't know how to do it)

  • sistisette

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  • Astara

    You *have* to kill it. Either that or the installer does.

    7-zip installs libraries that subsequently are loaded when explorer is run. (this provides options
    in explorer to 7z files or unzip them by right clicking on one or more.

    At best, if you install and don't restart explorer, you won't get any of those options until you DO restart explorer (MS always tells you just to reboot your system, though occasionally they are better and only require logging out/in.

    I have another program (fastpictureviewer) that also installs a DLL -- same issue -- but it tries to kill explorer and restart it -- but if you have your explorer setup in multiple processes it gets confused and doesn't restart everything the way you'd like.

    You do have to kill all of the explorer processes to get it out of memory.

    The alternative is to allow the installation to go through -- and tell the user they have to reboot
    their machine.

    I prefer the knowledgeable approach, as my machine reboot can easily take 5-10 minutes -- and that's if it doesn't synchronize my roaming profile on logout or login (I have to pull the network cord to prevent it)... logouts take about 45 minutes, logins take about 10-15 minutes for profiles to sync. Reboots are not something you want to force on a user to upgrade your product.

    I use process hacker (though I think process explorer has a similar option) "Restart" (a process),
    can click on the process and restart it and it restarts it with the same options, though in this case restart wouldn't work since the process needs to stay dead long enough for 7zip to finish its install...

    You might want to consider if you really would prefer a forced reboot, or work around the issue...