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InsertTexto0.3.psc is a praat script that writes labels from a txt file (one label by line) into a TextGrid file previously segmented. The next version will do that directly from linux without openning Praat.

Posted by Ana Cristina Fricke Matte 2007-10-11


FormanteF0TEDurIntens0.2.psc is a script for Praat. It works obtaining from a TextGrid an Sound relative files the speech rate of the sentence, duration and information about pitch, intensity and the 3 first formants of each pre-segmented and labeled vowel-to-vowel segment. It only works with files containing just one sentence and this version 0.2 works directly inside Praat. Next step will be doing that from linux directly.

Posted by Ana Cristina Fricke Matte 2007-10-11

Bash BeatExtractor For Praat

The first steps of SetFon is making possible to administrating Praat scripts directly from shell comands. Bash Beat Extractor for Praat (BBEP) was adaptated from the BeatExtractor script that was conceived in order to produced automatic Vowel-To Vowel segmentation running in Praat environnemt. The BBEP runs BeatExtractor from shell and optionally in a komander environnement that makes possible to segmentate multiples files at once, operation impossible in the Praat environnement.
The original BeatExtractor script was written by Plinio Barbosa.
The BBEP works in any complete bash environnemnt (including Windows + Cygwin), with praat, and for the GUI, Kommander is required too (at least kmdr-executor).

Posted by Ana Cristina Fricke Matte 2007-02-23