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Sesame 2.0-beta5 released

Sesame 2.0-beta5 is a bugfix release that contains many large and small improvements in functionality and performance. Some changes worth mentioning explicitly are:

  • the RDF model objects now implement Serializable
  • RIO now has support for the TriG serialization format
  • a bug in the HTTP communication preventing querying of inferred triples has been fixed
  • various improvements in the behaviour and performance of the OpenRDF Workbench and the Console

We have also made various improvements to Sesame's user documentation.
The documentation can be found at:

For further details on changes and improvements see the Change Log:

Sesame 2.0-beta5 can be downloaded at:

Source code is available from Aduna's Subversion repository at:

Maven 2 bundles for the Sesame 2.0-beta5 release can be found at:


The Sesame Developers

Posted by Arjohn Kampman 2007-07-05