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[r9] by polarlightning

Added refresh-support for the port list and a button for clearing the trace log. Also, better error indication if no serial ports were found in the port scan.

2011-10-08 10:21:51 Tree
[r8] by polarlightning

removed unnecessary mainform.resx dependency

2011-10-06 06:23:27 Tree
[r7] by polarlightning

thread safety added and a timestamped trace listbox into the GUI

2011-10-05 19:31:59 Tree
[r6] by polarlightning
2011-10-05 13:08:13 Tree
[r5] by polarlightning

removed old image resource remnant

2011-10-05 13:07:32 Tree
[r4] by polarlightning

Fixed problem with multiple Start-Stop-Start sequence from SerialToIpGUI and with the closing form when connection was open - Orphan process was left running

2011-10-05 12:35:16 Tree
[r3] by polarlightning

Exception handling added to show the exception in order to help user to fix the problem. Also fixed socket address reuse-problem from the server mode

2011-10-05 12:17:12 Tree
[r2] by polarlightning

just removed some debugtrace-oriented console prints

2011-10-05 09:43:01 Tree
[r1] by polarlightning

initial import

2011-10-05 08:32:53 Tree