Pierre D
  • Pierre D
    Pierre D

    Hi. Great firmware. I successfully uploaded it to the SPF serial controller.
    The only drawback is that since it's the same command for switching fonts, each reset of the mcu reverse the font size. It would be nice if an upgraded version had different commands for switching to the alternate font and to revert to the original one.

    Also, I'm quite newbee in this field and I really don't get how to use your utilities (to make sprites or fonts). I do the command line but I get the error that "bmp2bin… is not a recognized command".
    I'm in W7 (dos window).
    I'm sorry to say that your instructions seems aimed for engineers, rather than the hobbyist. I think I'm missing instructions/informations/knowledge to follow  your instructions.

    Do I need to have any software running to use your converter tools?
    Do I simply type the command line in a DOS window?
    or do I have to absolutely get a Linux machine to do this?
        - If it is so, is there's a possibility that I send you the sprites I want to make and perhaps, you can convert them for me (I have 3)?


  • Jennifer Holt
    Jennifer Holt

    it is true that the font size selection is not persistent over power cycles, I will fix that in the next release. All the sprite utilities are written for linux, and compiled on an x64 architecture machine( since this is what I have). I would guess that you could compile them on a windows computer with Cygwin, but I have never tried that. I would recommend getting VirtualBox you could then install a small linux distribution in it and do whatever compiling you need. If you only have 3 sprites, I could probably convert them for you. Just sent them to I will send you back binary files with the standard sprite format(first two bytes are width and height, rest are image data) I may talk to one of my friends who knows a bunch more about web programming than I do, and maybe I'l; make an online converter.


    I am trying to re-compile the source code for  bmp2bin_sprite.c and bmp2header_sprite.c on a Windows XP system using MinGW but it fails with a fatel error due to not being able to find bmp.h. What is in this file? Can you put this file up so I can down load it?

  • Jennifer Holt
    Jennifer Holt

    The bmp.h comes from a bitmap library I downloaded from here:

    Since I did not write this code, I don't feel right posting it on my sourceforge page. However, you can download it from the link I provided.