Serial port to network proxy / News: Recent posts

ser2net 2.10 released

Lots of things have changed, and I'm past due for releasing this. Several people fixed bugs and contributed features, thanks to everyone that helped.

Posted by Corey Minyard 2014-10-04

ser2net 2.9 released

A minor update, a new feature (configurable RFC2217 signatures) and a couple of small bug fixes.

Posted by Corey Minyard 2013-07-26

ser2net-2.8-rc2 released

I've uploaded a new release candidate. I added a requested feature, the ability to send a string to the device at open and/or close of the tcp port. I did a major rework of the code to avoid a lot of code duplication, so it's a pretty big change.

Posted by Corey Minyard 2012-04-19

ser2net 2.7 released

This is a new release that adds the feature of storing all the data sent and/or received on a port. The data is sent to file(s) of the user's choosing and a flexible specification for the filename allows date, time, port, etc. to be used as part of the filename.

This new feature was paid for by an organization and then released to open source. Thanks to them for making open source work.

This release has no bug fixes, but does have some documentation corrections and cleanups.

Posted by Corey Minyard 2009-11-03