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Not working without physical loopback?

  • Ricardo Derbes
    Ricardo Derbes

    I have to run a software which I/O is only serial, so I have installed ser2net and configured this way:
    10001:raw:600:/dev/ttyS0:9600 NONE 8DATABITS 1STOPBIT -XONXOFF -RTSCTS LOCAL
    in /etc/ser2net.conf.
    On other PC, I ran telnet 10001.
    I cannot send nor receive nothing from/to that ttyS0, UNLESS I make a physical loop between RX and TX pins (pins 2 & 3) on the DB9 connector on my first PC...
    When I install the bridge between RX and TX, all works flawlessly, what my software sends to /dev/ttyS0 is received on the telnet screen on the other PC, and viceversa.
    How can I manage to make ser2net work without loopback? I´ve tried different configs for ser2net, unsuccessfully.