portsentry listening on different interface

  • Reto Glauser
    Reto Glauser

    there is a HUGE problem that portsentry listens on eth0 only. i' need it to listen on eth1. is there any way to achieve that besides changing my hole setup (dhcp, iptables and so on)?

    thanks for any help

    • Hmmm, I have the opposite problem.  By default, portsentry (at least on Gentoo) listens on all interfaces:

      tcp        0      0 *:31337                 *:*                     LISTEN      20076/portsentry   

      I'm using UML, so I have a virtual nework on /dev/tap0.  The problem is that I trust my virtual network, but since portsentry binds to '*', I have some troubles.  Can I tell portsentry to only bind to an IP address?  All the other daemons I'm running allow me to do this.  Maybe it's just undocumented?

    • indians

      Hum, I know it's a bit late, but If you are still interrested... I made fix to that problem with a new config option "LISTEN_ON" with the ip of the interface to "listen on" :-) ...