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#10 Not unlocking properly

Andris Capola

After seeing your comments on XDA, I will try to report all bugs here. I did notice that there are a few more reports of a similar bug on XDA, so I will copy and paste the forum notes at the bottom of this report.

I have noticed that after missing a call, the very next time the device awakes, not from an incoming call, but when I press the ON button, it is still locked even though the settings are to be unlocked. It is only to lock the touch panel when an incoming call wakes the phone.

Below are the notes from the forum:

I confirm. Phone does not get unlocked on incoming call.
I have "unlock phone" on incoming call.
And it does not work.

Setting ... when phone awakes on incoming call doesn't work anymore on the new v0.4.0...

I have:
Gestures lock everything
Lock everything when phone awakes
Lock panel when phone awakes on incoming call

When I get a phone call, phone is fully locked. Also when I choose option Unlock when phone awakes on incoming call I still have a fully locked phone. So it looks like it's overruled by one of the other (lock everything) settings.


  • Andris Capola
    Andris Capola

    **UPDATE** to my comments before the XDA postings:
    When the device stays locked incorrectly due to the incoming call locking the device, I cannot unlock it using the stylus removal. The ONLY way to unlock it is by using the gesture or by a soft reset.

  • Andris Capola
    Andris Capola

    **Second Update**
    When I tell the device to lock when on Power, I cannot unlock unless I disconnect from Power source. Removing the stylus and doing the gesture do not unlock device. I don't think this is by design. This causes a problem when device is connected to PC for Sync purposes and I must do something on the screen.