Semantic MediaWiki Extensions 0.2 released

The project Semantic MediaWiki aims at the inclusion of "semantic web" features into MediaWiki, the software powering Wikipedia [1]. Users are enabled to enrich wiki-articles with bits of machine-readable information in a simple and integrated fashion. Yet this data opens great opportunities for improved searching and browsing, and will allow developers to write software that feasts on Wikipedias immense knowledge. Detailed information and implementation plans are available on the project homepage and testsite [2].

With the release 0.2 [3], the project reaches alpha status, meaning that the general architecture and basic functionality is in place. Semantic MeidaWiki is installed easily as an extension module to the current MediaWiki. Improved features in 0.2 are

  • support for attributes of the form [[attribute:=value]], including support for attribute type declaration and various datatypes,
  • reworked search engine Special:TripleSearch, supporting searches for link types and attribute values,
  • built-in conversion between common units of measurement, so that users can enter attribute values in their preferred unit; converted values are accesible via tooltips and used to simplify the user interface,
  • support for "semantic templates,"
  • visually improved infobox (factsheet) at article bottom,
  • improved internal storage architecture, enabling future transition to an RDF-triplestore with improved query support.

Further PHP development support is still welcome. Recent clean-ups of the code should make it even easier for contributors to get involved. New features are discussed on our mailnglists [4] or in the newly established Semantic Wiki Interest Group [5].


Posted by Markus Krötzsch 2005-12-05